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Building Windows Terminal

The new Windows Terminal (codenamed "Cascadia") was revealed at this year's Microsoft Build conference and quickly received a lot of attention, as it addresses the decades-old terminal experience in Windows.

This is me jotting down notes on how to get up and running with the new Terminal before it gets officially released in the Windows store, using Visual Studio 2019. This is all possible thanks to the fact that Microsoft is open sourcing the new Terminal!

Nuke gizmos to groups

Recursively replace all gizmos in Nuke script with a group. The only exception is the Cryptomatte nodes, which will be maintained as gizmos.

Distributing Python script(s) as zip file

A recent discussion on 3DPRO sparked me to scribble down some ideas on how to somewhat painlessly distribute a Python package to be run in DCC applications such as Maya or Nuke as simply as possible. So this is an alternative to building a wheel and mucking around with virtual environments.