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Turning your renders up to 11

An interview with me on our cloud rendering solutions is now published over at CGSociety.

“We need to make sure that we’re working with the best technology, as some of our projects can be very render intensive,” he begins. “But our motto is to spend time focusing on the creative side of building beautiful images, and let the machines do the hard work.”

Check it out here.

Enabling Iray in Maya 2011

Mental images and/or Autodesk has intentionally not made Iray available in the latest release of Autodesk Maya; version 2011. But there is a workaround...

Linear workflow, part 1

There seems to be a general confusion on linear workflows and how 3D/compositing packages work, what sRGB/gamma 2.2 is for and why it’s a good idea to render images in linear data throughout the pipeline. This is my take on a linear workflow with Maya and Nuke as well as a bit of history on the subject.

Enabling the mental ray production shaders

The production shader library contains a set of shaders aimed at production users of mental ray. The library contains a diverse collection of shaders, ranging from small utilities such as ray type switching and card opacity to large complex shaders such as the fast 2d motion blur shader.