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Querying the FPS preference in Maya

This tickles the funny bone.

>>> import maya.mel as mel
>>> fps = mel.eval('float $fps = `currentTimeUnitToFPS`')
>>> print(fps)

Let me know in the comments below if this can be improved...

Maya 2018 file size bug

A very annoying bug came to light in mid-October which makes Maya 2018 binary scene files (*.mb) unreadable if they are larger than ~2 GB in size.

To be exact, the bug is hit when the file size is larger than 2147483647 bytes, the maximum positive value for a 32-bit signed binary integer.

Contributing to PySide2

This is reminder-to-self about how to get set up and contribute to PySide2 using Gerrit. It could also be a fun read "on the bus" before actually setting this up yourself, to get an overview on what's required to get up and running with Gerrit. on conda-forge is now available on conda-forge!

# Enable conda-forge
conda config --add channels conda-forge

# Create environment with Python 3.6, PySide2 and
conda create --mkdir --prefix ~/condaenvs/myenv python=3.6 pyside2

# Run Python
~/condaenvs/myenv/bin/python --version

# Run pip
~/condaenvs/myenv/bin/pip --version

An alternative to building PySide2 from source

I've received questions lately on the issues that people are having while attempting to build PySide2 on Windows, macOS and Linux. Instead of building PySide2, there's actually a workaround which works just as well for some people...