Testing and sandboxing with Docker

A quick way to enter an interactive docker container:

docker run --rm --interactive --tty -v /localfolder:/containerfolder centos:7

On Windows, use forward slashes for the directory mapping.

For a more complex setup, have a look at sandbox-docker.

Compiling PySide2 from source

Here’s how to compile PySide2 on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Maya 2017 shipped with PySide2 (2.0.0~alpha0) built against Qt 5.6.1, so that’s the version of Qt I’m using in this guide as well as 64-bit Python.


Docker for Mac and GUI applications

A quick guide on how to run containers requiring a GUI with Docker for Mac and XQuartz.


Installing Qt.py (advanced methods)

Qt.py can be installed in many ways, depending on your needs. This post aims to outline some common approaches:

  • Install using pip
  • Install into an application’s custom Python build
  • Vendoring
  • Make Qt.py available using sys.path and site.addsitedir

Developing with Qt.py

This post aims to give an introduction to the Qt.py project and how to get set up with it for PySide/PyQt4 and PySide2/PyQt5 development.