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Installing PyQt4 in Nuke 6.3 on Windows

A few steps to get PyQt working inside of Nuke 6.3 (Windows only for now).

Please note that you need your own in place for this to work. In case you need this set up first, check out one of my previous articles, Nuke 6.3 Small studio setup for Win/Mac.

  1. Install 64-bit Python 2.6 from here into C:\python26.
  2. Install the PyQt 4.6 snapshot from here into C:\python26_64 and make sure to untick the “Qt runtime” checkbox.
  3. Copy all the files inside of C:\Python26_64\Lib\site-packages to \lib\site-packages or to a server location of your choice.

If you copied the files to a folder residing on the server, add the following to your (and modify):

sys.path.append ("X:/server/path/to/copied/site-packages")

PyQt should now run inside of Nuke 6.3, to be used like this:

from PyQt4 import QtGui
label = QtGui.QLabel("Hello World")

Please note that you could uninstall both Python 2.6 and the PyQt snapshot if you wish. The files needed have been added to Nuke.