Installing Poetry system-wide

I recently got some feedback (thank you @simmel, much appreciated!) on a previous post on debugging Poetry in vscode. I then realized it was a bit hard to follow if all you wanted to do was to install Poetry globally, with some added control from the default installation method.

This post aims to focus on this and cover the different system-wide installation alternatives that I am aware of.


Send HEY mail with forwarding address using Office365 SMTP

HEY mail announced a while back you can send emails from external email addresses using SMTP. Just the other day, they now finally also announced that their take on custom domains.

I’ve been waiting to hook up my existing HEY mail address with my custom domain’s forwarding addresses, so that I don’t have to set up MX records for email on my custom domain’s DNS.

In my case, I was hoping for something more similar to what GMail’s offering is like, where you can choose to send email from any other email addresses which you can receive email from (e.g. forwarding addresses, registered directly in your domain registrar’s DNS settings).

This guide outlines a solution I’ve found, which works great for me, where I can now finally send HEY email from a custom domain forward address, using the Office365 SMTP.


Debugging Poetry with Visual Studio Code

alt text

A guide on how to set up debugging of Poetry in Visual Studio Code, using Pipx and Pyenv.


Git gotchas

Git: Generally Impossible To (remember?) …

Anyways, some handy git tricks in this post.


Encoding UUIDs with base62

A simple and homegrown UUID base62 encoding/decoding implementation.