Eleven years after the successful TV series “Kenny Starfighter”, galaxy hero Kenny returns in “Kenny Begins”. The ambitions of the film, shot with the Red One camera, was to become the biggest feature film of the action comedy genre ever made in Sweden, sporting more than 600 visual effects shots.

My work on this project started early on with script breakdown (into VFX shots) followed by on-set VFX supervision and previz as well as look development of the fully-3D sequences. After having been on-set the serious work started to get all shots done in time. I primarily worked with animation, shading, lighting, rendering in Maya and compositing in Nuke throughout the project together with the excellent team at Filmgate.

Shots were rendered in both Mental Ray (“Production Shaders” setup) but also in Renderman for Maya, depending on the raytracing needs. We also ended up developing an in-house tool for rendering out cached Maya fluids and AO (Ambient Occlusion) passes in near-realtime, matching the anti aliasing algorithms of both Mental Ray and Renderman for Maya.

Check out my showreel for some shots from this project.

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