Fujifilm X100 settings & notes

Fujifilm X100

Some facts about the camera which are easy to forget as well some notes to self.


Dynamic range (tone mapping)

Auto focus

Lens characteristics

Memory card speed tests

Here I have compared the memory card write speeds of two different versions of the SanDisk Pro Extreme 32GB: 45MB/s vs 95MB/s.

Type of test			45MB/s		95MB/s
1 RAW+F				5.3s		3.5s
5 RAW+F (continuous burst)	26.3s		19.8s
1 JPG/F				1.5s		1.5s
5 JPG/F (continuous burst)	15.6s		15.6s

It seems there is no reason for JPG-only shooters to upgrade their cards for faster speeds but some speed gains are seen when shooting RAW.

My settings (firmware 1.30)

Starting with the default settings after a factory reset or firmware upgrade:

Disp. Custom Setting, OVF:

And last but not least I set the focus area size for AF-S to the smallest possible as well as enable Auto flash when in fully automatic mode (P).

Documentation, firmware and files


Please note, most of the reviews below were written before the release of firmware 1.21 (released in March, 2012), which dramatically increases auto focus speed, improves manual focus ring responsiveness as well as makes the RAW-button configurable (among other things).

Bugs, quirks and issues

I have assembled a list of known bugs and quirks for the current X100 firmware which can be found here.

After having used the camera for about a year, lug wear from the triangle ring neck is unfortunately becoming apparent. I’d recommend not using the ones supplied by Fuji and instead resort to circular rings or Gordy’s string straps.

In Motion Panorama mode, banding appears sometimes. This could be the result of high shutter speeds and it is recommended to not use a shutter that is faster than somewhere in the 1/250s. Instead, use a narrower aperture size and lower the ISO if necessary. Unfortunately, the built-in ND filter cannot be used in panorama mode. Also, since exposure is locked throughout the 120°/180° sweep, there will be banding if the lighting situation changes. Avoid pointing the camera at the sun and use a lens hood (or a step down adapter ring).

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